Hi! I'm Marsha Jaramillo the owner of Markets Of Sunshine

Greetings! I’m Marsha Jaramillo, and I founded Markets of Sunshine in 2010.  Native Floridian! I’m a wife to the best friend, husband, and caregiver that a woman could ask for.  I’m also the mother of a generous and caring daughter, who is also my friend and sidekick. 

 I’ve been living with Lyme disease since 2004. I started Markets of Sunshine as a way to cope with this. I had suddenly discovered that I was now allergic to everything, indoors and out, including most foods I ate.  Markets of Sunshine was a way to distract me from myself and instead focus on others.  My goal is to be open and honest about my experience in hopes of helping others who are dealing with Lyme disease or other chronic health issues.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

It takes having a network of helping hands from family, friends, and good doctors to survive any life-changing experience. Markets of Sunshine donates a portion of our proceeds every month to an organization that supports families around the world who experience life-threatening disasters.

Does this sound like a cause you want to support?  😊 We'd love to send you some of our handmade and vintage gifts!  CLICK HERE to visit our Markets of Sunshine shop.  CLICK HERE to visit our PioneerFundraiser shop.